Best space wallpapers for your phone

Any direction you look at intersects with a star (or some other astronomical object). So, why isn’t the sky bright at night if the universe has so many stars? Simple, the universe is expanding, so distant stars are red-shifted into obscurity. Since all stars have their distinct colors (blue, white, orange, yellow or red), amd the distant stars can barely be seen, looking at the sky at night gives us a beautiful scenery of brights, colorful spots and deep black. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to look at the sky, just use on of the following space wallpapers on your iPhone or Android phone.

Side view of a a galaxy.
Capture the universe in a bottle.
This rocket is shooting for the moon.
When space takes a purplish color.
When Earth and space meets.
A cloud of dust and a few shining stars.
A view of the Milky Way from Earth

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